About Me

My name is William Nicholls-Allison and I was born and raised on Vancouver Island. As a child, I took a deep interest in nature, science, and helping others, looking up to Jane Goodall and Steve Irwin for their advocacy and reverence for life. Today, I channel that passion into my work as a school counsellor.

On Will to Be, I write articles about child development, mental health, and psychology. The articles published here are not intended be academic; I want to write for parents, educators, counsellors, and healthcare professionals.

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Presentations & Publications


  • How do I help my kid with anxiety and stress? [Workshop presentation]. Victoria, Canada


  • Tea with Mrs. Murphy: The legacy of a school counsellor. BC Counsellor Magazine, 16(2), 12-13.

  • Trauma-informed practice helps all kids to grow. [Workshop presentation]. Victoria, Canada.

  • How do hero stories affect adolescent development? [Conference presentation]. Heroism Science Conference 2021, Limerick, Ireland.


  • I can be a hero: What is the influence of fictional hero stories on the personality development of adolescent males? [Master's thesis, Adler University, Vancouver, B.C.].

  • What can we learn from psychology about facilitating positive youth development and significant learning? JUMP! Foundation website. LINK

  • To hear the truth: Raising awareness of the residential school system in Canada. BC Counsellor Magazine, 15(1), 9-11. (Also available on the Adler University website. LINK

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Some of the art on this website is made by Erin Vanessa. You can find her incredible work here: https://www.erinvanessa.com

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